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GFMA World War 1 Play 'All About The Boys'

by Robert Fanshawe

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Global Fusion Music & Arts produced the play, ‘About the Boys’ written by local playwright, Robert Fanshawe (member of armed forces for 30 years). It is based on the poet Wilfred Owen and his First World War experiences.


The play was performed at Charlton House, (a military hospital during the First World War), on the evening of 14th November 2014 to a standing ovation.



Quote from Wilfred Owen's Nephew 

We are so very glad that we came and what a tribute to Wilfred.  We greatly appreciated the whole performance  of  'About A Boys' and thought how well it was presented and came over.  It seemed so alive with enthusiasm from all

your 'fine band' of actors so immersed in the play.


The uniforms were much in keeping with the Great War and well done to your wardrobe maker for the efforts and trouble you took to make sure you were dressed for the part. And indeed were you, the demure Mary and the more

evangical Susan.  The props were also very real and could have, almost, been fired.


I congratulate you on the script very much in the mood that, I am sure, would have been in the cellar of the Foresters House.


I am certain that you all enjoyed playing the parts as much as  we did watching.


It was important for the Tenor or 'About The Boys' that you had that background of Military experience because it showed in the manner that the scenes were acted.


A great achievement greatly appreciated.


My best wishes


Peter Owen

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