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Judessa Jazz

'Judessa Jazz' is an international quintet of clarinets, saxophones, piano, bass and drums. The band comprises musicians from U.S.A., Ghana, U.K., Nigeria and Schechter, Ska Cubano, Salsa Celtica, Pete King, Moses Fan-Fan, Roberto Pla, Aster Aweke and amny others. The band plays a wide range of poignant Jewish music through an exhilarating Afro-Latin-jazz filter.


Their repertoire includes Sehardic melodies, Klezmer, Hassidic themes, American songbook, classical and other Jewish music. Expect a twist of raucous wedding music, Kurt Weill, soulful ancient melodies, Yiddish theatre tunes and more. All of this delivered with jazz virtuosity and through a powerful African rhyhm section.



The line up:


Roland Perrin - piano

Jeremy Shoham - alto sax, eb clarinet

Roberto Manzin - Bb clarinet, tenor sax

Emmanuel Oladokun - bass

Eric Kwame Foli - drums


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Live at the Tall Ship festival 2017: