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Master Kora player and singer Mosi Conde comes from a long line of Griot musicians from Guinea. His music is haunting and melodic and his beautiful voice tantalises the air.  


'Everybody in my family is a griot meaning we play music, educate and mediate. My mother's family is Diabaté, one of Africa's foremost griot families. I started playing Kora and percussion at 6, training in my family compound in Conakry (Guinea) surrounded by musicians, living and learning the role of jali (oral historian). Now here I am in London'.




Mosi Conde

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Tel: 020 8858 9497

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The Kora is a west African harp played by the Mandinka people of west Africa. The strings run in two divided ranks, making it a double harp. They do not end in a soundboard but are held in notches on a bridge, making it a bridge harp. They originate from a string arm or neck and cross a bridge directly supported by a resonating chamber.


The sound of a kora resembles that of a harp, though when played in the traditional style, it bears a closer resemblance to flamenco and delta blues guitar techniques. The player uses only the thumb and index finger of both hands to pluck the strings in polyrhythmic patterns (using the remaining fingers to secure the instrument by holding the hand posts on either side of the strings). Ostinato riffs ("Kumbengo") and improvised solo runs ("Birimintingo") are played at the same time by skilled. 

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