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GFMA 'Civic Award Winners for outstanding contribution to Arts and Entertainment'

GFMA Project Manager Louisa Le Marchand 'Civic Award Winner for outstanding contribution to the Community'


'Probation' A new play by Benoit D Chaves 

Global Fusion Music & Arts worked with a new young writer, Benoit Chaves to produce his exciting play. The play Probation explores the lives of the young people involved in knife crime and gang culture. When three convicted young offenders are encouraged to try group therapy sessions to assist them towards early release on probation, their entangled and damaged lives explode with devastating effect. Having had personal experiences of the effects of gangs Benoit set out to write about this hard and often fatal subject.


‘After I had written the play I have been trying to find a company to produce it and put it on. I knocked on the door of Global Fusion Music & Arts one rainy evening only to be greeted by a very friendly and enthusiastic Louisa the Project Manager of GFMA.  She said that my play was something they would love to be involved with and asked me to email a copy of the script. After I had done this she phoned me and arranged a meeting, I am so grateful to her and GFMA for believing in me and my work’.  


Louisa Le Marchand added, ‘There was something about Benoit, as soon as I opened the door I knew he had something special to say. He may only be 22 years old but he has a wise head on young shoulders. I believe that Probation is a very important piece of work around the subject on youth crime and I hope that people of all ages will come and be educated and very entertained. We have some of our best seasoned actors like Robert Fanshawe and Steven kasamba as well as three brilliant young actors Pearl Mendes, Ona Macha and Sami  Wahed, who will be joined by a new comer to GFMA Julie Fleming’.  

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