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The Canaries

Global Fusion Music & Arts are producing a play ‘The Canaries’ with the help and support of the Royal Borough of Greenwich to commemorate the centenary of the ending of World War One. The play written by local playwright Louisa Le Marchand and directed by James Haddrel Artistic Director of Greenwich Theatre, focuses on the work and lives of the women who worked in the Royal Arsenal Woolwich during the 1914-18 Great War. The audiences will be taken on a journey through time as the women deal with the hardships of watching their brothers, sons and fathers go off to war, not knowing if they will ever see them again. As the war progresses the play sees the women deal with birth and death, with the politics of women’s rights and the twists and turns of relationships, rationing and the hardships of the time. But it’s not all doom and gloom as there is love, laughter and the companionship of women working together as they discover new freedoms only possible because of the war that was to end all wars. ‘The Canaries’ will delight, educate and entertain and it is only fitting that it is being performed in one of the few remaining building that the Woolwich Arsenal Women Munitions’ Workers actual worked in, Building 41 part of the Greenwich Heritage Building, The Royal Arsenal, SE18 4DX. The performances will be on Friday 16th November in the morning at 12 pm for local schools, then Friday evening 16th November at 7.30pm with doors opening at 7pm. On Saturday 17th there will be a matinee at 4pm, doors opening at 3.30pm and an evening performance at 8pm, doors opening at 7.30pm. The tickets are free and are available on For more information contact: Global Fusion Music & Arts on 02088589497 0r email –


Authors note:

Author and Project Manager of Global Fusion Music & Arts said ‘GFMA marked the centenary of the beginning of WW1 in 1914 with a WW1 project in 2014 funded by the Arts Council and Heritage Lottery Fund. When we approached the Royal Borough of Greenwich with the idea of marking the centenary of the ending of WW1 this year, they were very enthusiastic and have worked hard to facilitate the production of this historical play ‘The Canaries’. RBG value as much as I do the sacrifices and hardships that the women endured during this time. History is a passion of mine and this play has its roots firmly embedded in our local history’.


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