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GFMA World War 1 Schools Project  

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Global Fusion Music & Arts - First World War Heritage Project


This project aimed to educate local children and the community about the First World War and its effects on the local area.


Global Fusion Music & Arts (GFMA) will worked in 4 local schools bringing workshops in poetry, drama, singing and history focussing on the First World War A performance of the school children’s work will take place in Charlton House on Tuesday 11th November 2014 Armistice Day.


GFMA also worked with the Greenwich Heritage Centre and Firepower to provide opportunities for the children to research first hand. Each school spent a day visiting Fire Power in the morning. The first session will be with an African actor who will be in WW1 army uniform, interacting with the children and relaying some important information about WW1 and the fact that it was a world war involving soldiers from the commonwealth countries. The second session held with another actor who covered other aspects of the war. There was an opportunities for the children to handle artefacts relating to the period. The last session of the morning consisted of the children having a tour of the museum.

After lunch the children moved to the Heritage Centre (across the road) where they will be split into two groups. The first group will visited the War Memorial in the Arsenal, and then they will return to the centre to design posters and/or write some poetry. The second group will had a handling session of materials from archives at the centre, looking at the poetry of a local poet from that time - Mary Henshaw Clarke. They also had a chance to look at letters and photographs sent to and from solders at the Front. The focus of the visits to the Heritage Centre was be the local history of the First World War and how it impacted on the local community, finding out about the airfield at Kidbrooke, where the planes took off to bring down the Zeppelins which attacked Woolwich and the lives of the workers in the armaments factories in the Arsenal. There was also a visit to a reconstruction of a WW1 trench in Woolwich Barracks as part of the programme on a separate day.    

IMGP4865 Pupils in reconstructed trenches-pic by Louisa Le IMGP5015

Charlton Manor and Thorntree primary schools year 4 groups performing at Charlton House on 11/11/2015.

Chris Harrison leading the children at Charlton House in the World War 1 songs on 11th November 2015.

Some of the children inspecting the Mayors official chain of Royal Greenwich Mayor Councillor Mick Hayes after the performance.

Children from Cherry Orchard Primary School being put through thier paces at the Firepower Museums WW1 trench mock up in Woolwich Barracks.

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