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    Then and Now Exhibition

 Photographer Iain McCallum

'THEN'  photographs sourced at Greenwich Heriatge Centre by Iain McCallum  and volunteers on the net.  'Now' photographs taken by Iain  with help from volunteers.

This exhibition was collated and curated by Iain McCullam.

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Woolwich Ferry and T Tucker

Special thanks to Charlton House for hosting the exhibition during - November, December 2014 and January 2015 and to the Greenwich Heritage Centre for all thier support. To Iain McCallum and all the GFMA volunteers involved in this project for all thier hard work in making this aspect of the GFMA WW1 project such a success.

Iain McCallum researching photographs at the Herit Iain McCallum And Wendy Higgs taking photographs in Woolwich Iain McCallum & Jade O'Neill framing photographs Frances Cumming, Wendy Higgs & Gill Swan hanging photos with Iain in the background Iain McCallum and Mayor of Greenwich 3 Visitors-4 a

Iain McCallum researching at

Greenwich Heriatge Centre

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Iain McCallum & Wendy HiggsTaking photographs

Iain McCallum & Jade O'Neill

framing photographs

Frances Cumming, Wendy Higgs,

Gilll Swan and Iain McCallum

hanging exhibtition

Visitors at the Private View

Iain McCallum and the Mayor of Greenwich Councillor Mick Hayes

Archery Road

Arsenal Main Gate

Charlton Village

Charlton Church

Blackwall Lane

Clare Corner

Cottage Hospital

Dockyard Gates...

Eltham High Street

Etham Park Station

Garrison Church

Green's End Woolwich

Greenwich Park Station

Hanging Wood

Nelson Street

Ors graves and Church

Ors Lock, Sambre-Oise Canal

Powis Street

Royal Hospital School

Southwood Road.

St Mary's Church