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Eben Oke Yoruba Soul-Jazz


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UK based Nigeria’s charming afro-soul guitarist, producer and vocalist EBEN OKE, a member of The Rhythms, birthed a new concept of african music called “YORUBA SOUL-JAZZ” with his 6-piece band at the 12th London African Music Festival.


The music is driven by the infectious afro-beat grooves, a combinationof traditional, folk Yoruba songs, highlife, funk and sweet vocals fused with african percussion on intricate jazz solos.

They say “Nigerians” are the happiest people on the planet.

No mystery there because Yoruba people love to party more than other ethnic group in the country. This new groove will keep you on your toes dancing.


Line up:

Ebenezer Oke - Guitar / Vocals

Sam Fred  - Saxophones / Vocals

Tosin Dagunduro - Drums

Francis Ovie - Keyboards

Michael Idowu - Bass

Saheed Oladimeji - Talking drums

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Tel: 020 8858 9497