Kofi Arts

ALVIN KOFI, the artist was born in London into a West Indian family, and has been a practising artist for over twenty-five years. Even though drawing has always been his first love, at art college he studied graphic design and then worked in advertising for a number of years. However, he always needed the freedom to express his point of view and creative ability, so found himself continuing to paint and create as a fine artist.


After a trip to Africa and return to the art world in 1998, he quickly established a reputation as one of the leading Black artists, having produced the first Black print collection that gained wide distribution, giving the Black community access to a contemporary view of African culture.


The subjects and themes of his work have varied over the years but the tradition of Africa has been consistent. Having studied traditional African cosmology and adopted its religious values, his work shows a depth of understanding from both a spiritual and cultural aspect.

His knowledge and understanding of African art and its culture has earned him recognition both as an artist and lecturer. So with flair and ingenuity he presents his work in a contemporary style, distinctive and unique in its approach.

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